What You Should Know About 15 Passenger Van


A 15 passenger van is a convenient option for taking a large group of people on either business trips with business partners, vacation with the family or when transporting sports team or for any other event. This can is comfortable and large, providing more area for passengers.

A 15 passenger van has many things to offer, not just the large space and the comfort to the passenger. In fact, some of these vans are equipped with various facilities such as satellite TV to allow you to see sports events live. It also comes with a DVD player, shower room, bar where guests can mix their own cocktail drinks, comfortable sofa, dance floor and the most updated vans sometimes come with live band, arcade and other exceptional facilities which are not available in other means of transportation. A 15 passenger van is also popularly utilized to transport members of different organizations and groups which include hotel guests, airport parking companies, airport shuttles, day care, tourism companies, school as well as religious groups.

What is frequently not recognized or maybe not acknowledged by schools, churches or any organization and company that utilizes these vans for accommodating groups to and from different activities or events is that while it’s clearly not deliberately made to be unsafe, some have a crucial style and manufacturing concern that make the passenger van more likely to crash or roll over than many other cars on the road. While a passenger van appears to be akin to other vans so as to accommodate more passengers, the back end of these vehicles is longer compared to others and it is exactly this additional weight on the back axle of the car which makes it harder for the driver to manage. The van might fishtail once the driver has to turn or swerve in order to abruptly to prevent an accident and minor loss of control could lead the van to become unstable and flip over.

The results of a research by the US Department of Transportation confirmed that once this van has 11 passengers, it is more likely to roll over compared to the van with just five passengers. This piece of information indicates that vans are risky once full to capacity and regardless of these statistics, a 15 passenger van is still being utilized. In order to address this concern, many companies that offer this kind of service make sure that the drivers they employ are experts enough to handle this matter and they customize their vans in order to accommodate a big number of passengers. They also offer insurance for the security of their passengers.

It is essential that drivers of the 15 passenger van are focused and attentive and not permitted to drive over eight hours per day. They should check the car most often and look over the tires for pressure and tire traction. Drivers should also guarantee that passengers wear seatbelt and stay in their seats and drivers as well need to make cautious driving habits and utilize spotters for help when backing up. This problem of the 15 passenger van also makes them vulnerable to typical road hazards such as uneven pavement, potholes and other highway defects.

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