6 Travel Tips You Have to Have for Europe


Europe boasts a variety of regions and countries with countless cultural and travel experiences that make it an incredible place to visit. You can view historic art, sightsee, eat amazing food, relax, have adventures, and meet new people. Here are 6 important tips to keep in mind to save money, protect yourself, and really enjoy your trip to Europe.

Buy a Pass

If your stay in Europe is going to be a long one, consider investing in some travel passes to save money on services you’ll use over and over. If you’re young, consider joining Hosteling International. HI is an organization dedicated to promoting hosteling around the world, and a membership offers great discounts on stays in hostels throughout Europe.

For transportation, consider purchasing a Eurail pass. A Eurail pass is available for varying lengths of time, from three days to three months, providing access to dozens of countries by train. Choose a pass that suits your needs and you can save a significant amount of money traveling from city to city.

Fly Local Airlines

While you’ll have to choose a bigger airline for your ticket to and from Europe, if you’re planning to fly from city to city within Europe, fly with low-cost airlines. As more and more travelers become budget conscious, European discount carriers are rapidly expanding. Ryanair and EasyJet are prime examples, with low-cost flights to cities like London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Malta, and Bologna. Summer fares are incredibly low, with some routes available for just $20 to $30 each way. These airlines are significantly cheaper than big name lines like Delta, and you can find the cheapest fare once you’re actually in Europe.

Sample Genuine Local Cuisine

Throughout Europe you will find an array of upscale restaurants offering delicious food. While the food is great, these restaurants often don’t provide a good representation of true local cuisine. Make an effort to sample street food and visit small shops. And take any opportunity to dine in someone’s home, that’s the best way to get a taste of local culture.

Find a City Card

For those staying in one city the whole time, investigate the possibility of a city tourist card. These cards are available in many major cities, sometimes for free or for a nominal fee. The cards offer significant discounts on popular attractions and can often save you more than $100 a visit. They’re only worth your while if you’re doing a lot of traditional sightseeing, so keep that in mind.

Take in a Festival

Europe is perfect for festival fans, particularly in the summer and fall months. Festivals include La Tomatina in Spain, Oktoberfest in Germany, and dozens more. Festivals are a great way to experience local food, dancing, cultural customs, exciting people, and delicious drinks. If you can fit a festival into your stay, it’s highly recommended you do so for a taste of what Europe is really like.

Avoid Scams and Pickpocketing

Every major city in Europe boasts some form of pickpockets and scam artists. To avoid losing your money, don’t get distracted and leave your belongings exposed; keep an eye on your baggage and be on your guard if anything unusual happens. Don’t flash money or expensive items; choose nondescript clothing and items that blend in with the locals. When it comes to avoiding scams, just remember that if it sounds too good, it probably is.

Traveling through Europe is a dream come true for many. Keep these tips in mind and you’re sure to be safe, happy, well-fed, and content during your trip. Better yet, you’ll save some funds along the way.

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