How to Use Salt Correctly in the Foods?


Salt is most essential ingredient in our food. It is nearly impossible to consume food without the use of salt. Salt is mainly used for cooking, bleaching, as a preservative and in cosmetics. Salt also found its use in medicine. The salt we use in our food is a sodium chloride compound. Salt is responsible to provide good taste to the food. Most of the salt we consume is extracted from the sea. Salts are of different types. Most of the chefs in big hotels and restaurants cleverly mix these salts to serve the food with wonderful taste.

Salt is also responsible for maintaining our body pressure.Salt when mixed with oil can act as good whitening agent and can also cure the gum problems in mouth. Salt when mixed with uncooked meat makes it to lose water and become spongier. The sea shores are the major source of salt production all over the world.Sea salt production is one of the popular businesses in most of the coastal areas. The salt is obtained by evaporation of sea water. This salt is then treated in sea salt treatment plant for purification. The sea salt packaging must be done properly to protect it from any contamination.

Salt must be used properly in the foods. It should be mixed adequately with to food to provide it good taste. Some good tips to use salt correctly in food are given below:

  • A little salt must be added to the vegetables with high sodium content like spinach, celery, kale, dandelion greens, corn, endive etc.
  • If you have over salted a liquid dish then add some dilute unsalted liquid to it to maintain the natural taste of food.
  • Salt must be added to the food at the end of cooking.
  • Adding the salt to pasta and vegetable dishes, gives them a firm texture.
  • So not use salt stored in silver container for cooking.
  • If you are using kosher salt then put only one teaspoon of this salt in your food instead of two tea spoon of table salt.
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