Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Music Band


With the on the face of it, endless ocean of freelance bands throughout the country, it will be a trifle overwhelming to undertake and advertise your music to succeed in everybody out there and stand higher than the remainder. Each musician faces this task no matter what stage they presently are in their career.

Over the past decade the music business has seen a vast shift within the regime of promoting and advertising in areas focusing in the main on online content through websites and streaming vs. print magazines and radio.

Here are top five ways to assist you if you’re arranging to promote your music to succeed in a bigger audience:

1. Creative Pro-Vision

In your career you must confirm what kind of music you are going to play. The sweetness of making art is that there are not any rules or limitations that the absolute best recommendation for each musician is to play what they themselves need to listen to. Once you have nailed down that you’re as associate in nursing creative person, work to form the Associate in nursing identity as an Associate in nursing creative person through your design, logo, and merchandise. Permit the appearance of your band to be even as impactful as your music.

2. Online Presence

Social media is one among the most effective tools and through the employment of well-liked sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitter, you can succeed. Establishing a robust social media presence with up so far content, and most significantly interaction together with your fans is vital to your band’s survival. Establish a web community through these websites that provide your fans a home. Permit them to be able to share your story and that they can advertise your music for you to their friends and family.

3. Producing Relationships

Always remember that there are different bands out there that are within the same state of affairs that you just are, and therefore the musicians you find to which inspire you were once in your position. Use these online tools as the way to form and maintain relationships with different bands of your space and work along to push your music and their music. Also, hiring a good band manager, like Jordan Kurland of Zeitgeist Artist Management, would be effective.

4- Supply Product

Permit folks access to shop for your merchandise online through your own customized merchandise store. Supply package deals for your merchandise at discounted rates, and supply free downloads and streams to pick out songs off of your album for folks to share with their friends.


The foremost necessary issue your band will do is to play live. Whether or not its enjoying in a very friend’s house, their garage, local bars, or nightclubs, your best goal ought to be to play and impact as many folks as you can.

Social Media could be a useful gizmo to remain connected together with your fans and realize new ones, however the most effective thanks to in person connect with every of them is through permitting your fans to witness your music in a very live setting.

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