Ultimate Aeroworks Remote Control Planes


Aeroworks RC planes also referred to as remote control planes, are impressive, some of the aircraft being as small as model airplanes you love keeping in your trophy case. Other Aeroworks rc planes are six feet in height, standing as tall as some of the people who fly them. If you’re a flying enthusiast, you probably prefer the planes that come with fewer controls. That’s understandable, considering that the fewer controls and servos per surface you have to manage, the more in command of the planes you can feel.

Ultimate Aeroworks rc planes for beginners

If you’re just starting to fly Aeroworks rc planes, you could get a basic starter kit that includes a remote control and batteries. These planes have topped out at 50 feet. Their wingspans extend outwards by 20 inches. At about 16 inches in length and weighing less than a pound, these planes are easier to handle than larger rc aircraft. Furthermore, altitude and rotor speeds are the two channels beginner planes are built with.

Basic flying acts you can start practicing and getting a handle on as a beginner, using a starter kit, include determining the plane’s wind speed and checking the plane’s pre-flight direction. The first act can be accomplished by tying a ribbon to the remote’s antenna while keeping the controller even with the ground.  To determine pre-flight direction, turn on the transmitter, then walk at least 50 feet away from the plane, observing the plane’s movements as you adjust the controls.

On your first flights, keep the plane fairly close to the ground. Also, move the control’s gears back and forth and left and right, careful to keep the plane from stopping. In addition to practicing putting your new Aeroworks rc planes in flight, practice landing your aircraft. Do this several times, until you become confident while handling the aircraft.

Ultimate Aeroworks rc planes experienced flyers love

If you’re an experienced flyer, it’s likely that you have high demands of your planes. You might have flown dozens of Aeroworks rc planes over 10 or more years. Ultimate planes you could add to your collection are world-class aerobatic models. Ranges for these planes span from .40 size glow to 150cc gas.

For example, there’s the Aeroworks .60 to .90 and the Aeroworks .46 to .60 Pro X260 QB. Other ultimate planes include the 50cc ARF-QB and the 55cc Mustang P-51C ARF-QB, the latter mirroring actual Air Force fighter planes. Strong, light weight construction, bomb and tank drops, a functional canopy and pre-installed servos are types of features these more powerful planes are built with.

It’s with these features that you could start performing aerobatics, turning flips and diving as well accelerating 100 or more feet into the air across open terrains. Practice flying aircraft for months, years if you fly sporadically, and you could enter and place high in competitions like the International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) Championship, the National Academy of Model Aeronautics  (NATS) Championship and regional or state aerobatic shootout invitational competitions. To place in Masters World Aerobatic Championships, you’re probably going to have to get several years of flying beneath your belt.

Championship Aeroworks rc planes that win the bigger competitions are heavier than beginner planes. Like the 100cc, some of these planes can be flown above water, even ridden atop water, the bottom water rudders creating waves across a pond or lake. Even if you fly these larger planes at half power, you’ll enjoy a magnificent flight.

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