The Pros and Cons of Liposuction


Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that involves removal of fat from different parts of the body. This includes thighs, abdomen, neck, back, arms or any other part of the body. The result of this procedure is improvement of body figure by removing excess fat deposits located between skin and the muscle.


The doctor makes a small skin puncture then they use a tube called cannula to suction the excess fat from a given area using an aspirator. The technique used for this process depends with the amount of fluid injected as well as the way the cannula operates.


Liposuction is not an ideal solution for reduction of fat for everyone therefore proper consultations are necessary. However to qualify for this process you should be in good health as well as have a skin with good elasticity. You should also have an ideal weight recommended for the procedure. An ideal weight is the one that is fixed and difficult to lose with normal weight loss options like exercising and change of diet. You will not qualify for this procedure if you are overweight or have impractical expectations. Excessive skin around the stomach as a result of weight loss or pregnancy warrants this procedure.


It enables you to shed excess fat that is not possible to cut through exercise and dieting. With the reduction successful, you will get the body shape that you have always wanted.

The procedure will get rid of fat cells permanently. This is amazing because you will never worry about growing fat again and, you can keep up the body shape hassle free.

The procedure is highly regarded around the world and safe therefore ideal for anyone intending to lose excess fat on different parts of the body.

You can return to work in less than a month once you have undergone the operation. Depending with the amount of fat removed from the body, the less the fat the less time you will take to recover.

Flexibility-The cost of the procedure is affordable and depends on the amount of fat removed and the areas the fat is removed from. Other factors affecting the cost are the geographical location of the doctor as well as their experience.

It is a procedure that gets rid of weight that has bothered you for a long time making you feel good about yourself. Self-confidence is the beginning of a rewarding life and career.


Development of hematoma. This is a condition that leads to accumulation of blood under the skin calling for its removal. This is an extra cost for you.

There is development of infection, scarring which depends on the type of procedure and the size of the area operated. There is also swelling that lasts almost a month, bruising that gives incredible pain but fades with time.

The procedure will limit movement but this also depends with the part operated and the amount of fat removed.

Sometimes the cannula can damage the tissues between the skin and the damage becomes visible on the skin. The tube can also cause friction on the skin developing a burn as well as the nerves.

Shape irregularity- uneven fat removal from the skin creates a bump or droop. This is common with people whose skin is not elastic.

Fluid inequity- fats contain a lot of fluid and its removal through this procedure creates an imbalance. At the same time, when the surgeon injects fluid in the tumescent liposuction, this creates an imbalance in the body. Presence of excess fluids in the body affects the kidneys, lungs and the heart.

Allergies- this happens to those people whose bodies react to the chemicals and equipment used during the surgery. This might also affect normal functioning of the rest of the body.

Infection- puncture of the skin gives entry for bacteria that causes infections. Depending with the size of the puncture, the amount of bacteria also increases if there are several punctures around the body.


Liposuction is just one option of losing weight. Eating healthily and exercising are other effective ways of losing excess fat in the body. This natural weight loss process takes time but if you are patient, you will get the body shape and size you want. However, if you opt for surgery, make sure that you choose a reputable surgeon with immense experience.

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