Interesting Marketing Facts about Various Advertising Techniques


Advertising is the number one way to get your brand noticed in today’s brand-swamped world. In fact, advertising is so important, that some companies spend more on advertising than anything else. According to a study by York University, U.S pharmaceutical companies spend twice as much on advertising as they do on research for new products. Many other companies also have incredibly large advertising budgets, because without sales, it doesn’t matter how good your product is.

Do you know what the most effective advertising techniques are? It turns out, although there are variations in different product markets, there are common themes that all companies can use to boost their business. Consider these marketing facts before you determine your next advertising strategy.

Headlines Attract Customers

Do you know what a headline is? It is the small phrase that you use after your company’s name. For example, McDonald’s currently has the headline, “I’m lovin’ it.” This headline targets McDonald’s current target market (young people trying to save money on food), and is effective because of that. If you sold car parts, a good headline might be “Get reliable parts at affordable prices.” According to the Professional Advertising website, your headline is about 70 percent responsible for the entire effectiveness of your brand. To be considered effective, the headline must be able to be used in multiple formats, including TV, radio, print, and online.

Pull in Customers with Cross Promotion

Did you know that teaming up with other brands can actually help your business? Online businesses know this well. That is why many blogs and websites feature products from other companies. A cross promotion gathers complementing products and bundles them together into one marketing campaign. The companies can then split the advertising fees. Cross promotion with another well-known brand is an excellent way to reach a market you would otherwise have never reached. This is something that new bands will do when they open for another, more popular, band. Best Business Practices states that a well-planned cross-promotion will save advertising dollars and benefit all brands involved. For more information on how cross-selling enhances customer service, visit this website:

Stand Out with Humor

Humor is a new trend in the advertising world, but it is highly effective. People are much more likely to talk about and remember a brand that has a funny advertising campaign. For example, the Old Spice commercials are some of the most shared on the Internet, because the man in the campaign was funny, good-looking, and the entire ad was absurd. In today’s marketing campaigns, funny messages stand out. The more you can get people to share your message online, then the more effective your brand will be.

Don’t Neglect the Internet

As stated above, Internet marketing is an absolute must. It is more important than large banners and print advertising for many companies. According to Best Business Practices, 70 percent of shoppers research products online before making a purchase decision. If you want your products to stand out, you must have a viable online presence. You can do this by offering online sales, marketing online, creating an e-newsletter, and even creating a blog that complements your brand.

Armed with these facts, you will be better able to offer the best in advertising methods to your customers and continually grow your brand. Just remember, in today’s world, advertising trends change as quickly as the weather, and it is important to stay on top to keep your company visible.

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