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“Sin Free” Social Media for Muslims and Christians

Ask any one that what is the most striking feature of the lives of 21th century human being and the answer that you get will point towards Social Media. Undoubtedly, Social Media is an entirely new concept and has now become a part of almost every single internet user on the planet. The beauty of social media is that...
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99 Beautiful names of Allah

2nd Date Islami Wazifa|Islami Dua’s|Aaj Ka Wird|Allah Name’s with Meaning

AL-QUDDUS (Buraiun Sey Pak Zaat) Din mein 100 bar Is ka vird karney walon ka dil her qism ki pareshanion sey a’azad rehta hai. AL-SALAM (Her Afat Sey Salamat Rakhney Wala) Agar is ism ko 100 bar vird kar key mareez per dam kia jai to mareez sahetyab ho jata hai. AL-MOMIN (Aman-o-Aman Daney Wala) Is ka vird karney wala her qism ki muzarboon sey mehfooz rehta...
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